Media businesses will look to data at a time of huge instability, predicts the DPP


The Digital Production Partnership (DPP) launched its 2018 Predictions for the media industry. The predictions show a strong focus on business thinking at a time when a transformation in media economics is creating great uncertainty. The DPP 2018 Predictions was produced with the support of DPP Member company Equinix, and generated from a working session with experts drawn from across the DPP Membership.

“The strength of the annual DPP Predictions is that they are drawn up in consultation with people who know the day to day reality of doing business in the media sector,” says DPP Managing Director Mark Harrison. “Our experts were immune to hype around particular technologies; they told us what will really make a difference.”

The DPP has created eight predictions for 2018. Here are three that will have particular impact:

Transformation in media economics will cause huge instability

The media industry is going through a seismic change in business models, with a shift from fixed to variable costs, invited by cloud-led services. Companies will seek to evolve appropriate governance models to manage their costs in the face of unpredictable market conditions; but many will struggle to adapt.

Businesses will better understand and manage their data throughout the value chain

Right at the heart of these transformed media economics sits data. There is now the potential to gather data at almost every point in the media supply chain. Companies will seek intelligence about their operations, market and customers. And the need for speed will mean a strong demand for real time analytics.

Where there are people there will be automation

This was also a prediction for 2017 – but this group of experts felt it will continue to be a powerful business driver in 2018. Machine learning is enabling automation to be rapidly applied to many people heavy processes – reducing costs, increasing performance and providing valuable data.

“The media and broadcast industry is in the midst of digital transformation. As the global interconnection and data centre leader, Equinix sits at the heart of many of these paradigm shifts and are pleased to contribute to this insightful report,” said Matt George, Sr. Manager, Solution Marketing, Equinix EMEA.



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