Zulu Wedding was shot on the Red Dragon camera


Shot over three months, using a Red Dragon camera, Zulu Wedding is a debut feature film by Lineo Sekeleoane.

Sekeleoane explains that colour played an important role in the film, bringing to life specific moods and emotions in different scenes. “I wanted to show a very warm South Africa and contrast our main character’s inner world by making her world in New York seem cold and detached,” she explains.

Costume designer Sheli Masando further enhanced Sekeleoane’s vision, dressing the film’s characters in eye-catching designs from fashion icons including David Tlale, Palse, Thula Sindi, Paledi, Laduma and Sheldon Kopman.

Sekeleoane’s long-time industry friend Julie Hall was responsible for the screenplay, with cinematography by Lance Gewer and editing by Jeremy Briers, Richard Marshall and George Artope. Post-production duties were done in-house at Luju Pictures Film.


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