OnseTV appoints Simon Witbooi as head of channel


“The management of OnseTV is very pleased to announce the appointment of Simon
Witbooi (aka Hemelbesem) to the position of, head of Channel for OnseTV effective
from November this year,” says Jaco Ferreira, CEO of OnseTV

A seasoned musician, writer and poet, Simon has contributed much to the
development and advancement of arts and culture in South Africa and possesses
highly developed skill and understanding of digital content application in both the
linear broadcasting as well as IP (internet protocol) environments. The promotion of
indigenous culture and heritage of the Khoi and San communities in particular and
brown communities in general, is of great concern and interest to Witbooi.

The complementary energies in the Afrikaans language community and its
connections to the promotion and advancement of Afrikaans as a language and
culture within a multi-cultural democratic society, is of seminal importance to the
future growth and development of OnseTV. Witbooi has over the years contributed
much to the attainment of these stated ideals and is thus best positioned to
spearhead the management of the channel.

The synergy between the objectives of OnseTV and Witbooi’s sterling track-record as
award-winning cultural practitioner is clearly evident.

Says OnseTV CEO, Ferreira: “We are very proud and excited to be associated with
Simon, he has worked tirelessly to unite disparate cultures in South Africa and is
widely acknowledged for his sterling contribution to the development of our local
culture and media industry.”

Simon acts as a Pasella presenter, and has featured as an actor in the TV
series Noem my Skollie. He is currently designated as official ambassador for
ATKV Crescendo for the upliftment of Afrikaans and is also part of the annual W.O.W
(Words Open Worlds) campaign in Stellenbosch. His rich music career spans over two
decades. OnseTV is proud to be part of his illustrious and ever-growing repertoire.

On his appointment to position of OnseTV channel head; Witbooi says: “I regard this
as an enormous task because we (the brown community of South Africa) did not get
much media exposure over the last few decades. We did not get the chance to grow in
the media. Not psychically, artistically, or culturally and especially not in Afrikaans, so
we are behind in all these aspects. These shoes that have been given me now are not
necessarily my size, but I will have to either grow into it, or break it in. We must show
that we are marketable, artistic, professional, and that we can do justice to all these
wonderful terms and will be able to keep the commercial wheels in motion. This is my
“attempt”. I regard it as an honor that this cup passed my way. Let’s drink together.
Hard work lies ahead.”

“OnseTV is delighted to have such a skilled candidate with such solid understanding of
our vision and objectives, we look forward to working with Simon and welcome him
with open arms,” adds Ferreira.

Witbooi’s appointment is effective from Monday, 6 November 2017.


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