Jasco provides NEXIS solution upgrade to Mauritius Broadcast Corporation


Jasco, smart technology and ICT solutions partner, has successfully upgraded the Mauritius Broadcast Corporation’s (MBC) existing media workflow and collaboration platform by upgrading their current AVIDNEXIS Pro storage to a Nexis E4 storage solution. This upgrade enables MBC to connect their team, share media and sequences and work together on the same projects in real-time with a far greater media storage capacity than that which they had before.

MBC is the national public broadcaster of the Republic of Mauritius and is dependent on reliable broadcast technology in order to provide efficient and seamless viewing to their viewers. A growing customer base and subsequent demand for High Definition (HD) media created the challenge of requiring additional storage for the purpose of HD video and photo production. As AVID’s distributor and integrator within the Southern Africa and East Africa Regions, Jasco was the natural partner to provide a solution to answer MBC’s need for greater capacity.

Suraj Gopaul, coordinator: broadcast technology at MBC says, “As we look to providing our market with higher quality productions, our need for storage and real-time collaboration grew and we found our existing solution – while sufficient for our earlier needs – simply wasn’t capable of handling the workload anymore.”

Gopaul elaborates, “In addition to storage we also required a system that allowed for high speed delivery and flexibility. The new solution provides us with the capability and bandwidth to create and deliver higher volumes of high-resolution content more easily. Our teams can now also share projects and collaborate, eliminating the time wasted moving files between systems while speeding up our turnaround time.”

Features and benefits of the NEXIS E4include:

• accelerated production due to easier management and sharing of media, and real-time collaboration;
• the ability to reallocate bandwidth
• add or remove storage capacity
• dynamically resize workspace
• increase or decrease media protection quickly due to intuitive software tools

• increased productivity
• real-time SD, HD, 2K and 4K media performance and streaming in editing-intensive environments
• storage scalability
• a user-friendly platform, for both maintenance and system use

MBC previously used a smaller version of the NEXIS product, however, Gopaul says that they had outgrown the original system and this was the motivator behind the expansion to E4. He adds, “Our older systems required multi IP connections at the back and thus in-depth knowledge of IP and technological familiarity with the hardware for maintenance purposes was necessary. The NEXIS Pro and E4 have much simpler functionality and are easier to maintain as they only have a single IP connection point and a far more user-friendly interface and troubleshooting process.”

Paul Divall, MD at Jasco intelligent technologies says, “We have been working with MBC for several years now and understand not only the nature of the industry, but also the specific requirement of MBC’s unique environment and needs. When MBC approached us with their particular challenge we assessed their requirement and the NEXIS E4 upgrade was the obvious solution.”

“We trust Jasco to know what works for our business and have received nothing but excellent products, service and support from them over the past 13 years. I have never been disappointed with Jasco. They are ahead of the technology curve – always innovating and introducing new and exciting products for our space. This NEXIS E4 solution is just another seamless integration that we have experienced with Jasco,” concludes Gopaul.


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