Creative entrepreneurs pitch for national crown


In South Africa, ten excited and anxious finalists have been selected. Twenty-two excellent speakers who are successful business-people or creative experts are preparing their presentations. A panel of three fearsome judges are sharpening their pencils. Months of preparation for a three-day business skills boot- and pitch-camp are about to culminate in a clash of pitches by enthusiastic startups in pursuit of the national crown. The South African winner will compete against creative arts business winners from over 60 countries, in Copenhagen.

Creative Business Cup, a Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) event, has been championing emerging enterprises in the arts across the world for the past 6 years.

This year, South Africa is participating for the first time and the response has been amazing. The 2017 competition was limited to Gauteng for its inaugural year to ensure that the standard of the event would be appropriately high.

Presentations will be made on two stages to as many as 500 in the audience. Broadcast, print and digital media have been invited to this auspicious competition. The line-up of speakers and judges, who are all experts in their fields, will ensure that the bar will be set very high for future events in all provinces.

The Creative Business Cup competition was founded to recognise the important role that creative people play in business world. Entrepreneurs in the arts are often respected as professionals in the way that people in other professions are. And yet, these undervalued people add over R 91 bn to the South African economy each year according to the Arts and Culture Minister. By acknowledging the valuable contribution of this sector, we recognise their “real jobs’ while they make a meaningful difference in society, to employment and to the economy.

Each year, the Creative Business Cup competition rewards outstanding creatives by empowering them with business competencies, strengthening their innovative capabilities and connecting them with investors and markets. It also helps to change people’s attitude toward the creative industries.

The Creative Business Cup competition will be held at the Ticketpro Dome in Randburg within the Small Business Expo from 31 August to 2 September 2017. The public are welcome to participate in the business skills bootcamp and to watch the pitch camp and the pitching competition. More details can be found on the website.


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