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Tuluntulu, which is an African mobile video on demand (VOD) service, is adding new streaming channels to retain and attract a new audience.
The VOD service is bringing to its audience 265 MAX TV and has launched a 24/7 entertainment channel on the Tuluntulu app.

265 MAX TV showcases proudly South African content with a mix of upcoming talent and mainstream entertainment that includes mainstream music, lifestyle, culture and expression which embraces South African fashion, music talk shows, gadget shows, extreme sports, interviews with famous people and local documentaries.

The launch of 265 MAX TV is making local and South African history by becoming the first ever locally run and produced TV channel out of the Vaal Triangle.

265 MAX TV started its journey to success in October 2016 formed by 4 local entrepreneurs out of Meyerton and Sebokeng through a collaboration of two local businesses – 265 Productions, a local production company and Maxus Media Company, a local music and production company.

265 MAX TV and Tuluntulu are busy revolutionising the way South Africans will be able to view, interact and receive updates on current showbiz scenes via Twitter feeds running live on the App. 265 MAX TV and Tuluntulu are contributing in taking South African forward in the online television global expansion, now putting South Africa on a globally accessible platform.

“Tuluntulu is delighted to partner with 265 Max, a new and exciting TV channel producing home-grown local urban content. They bring another quality 24/7 entertainment TV channel to our existing entertainment focused TV channels,’ said Pierre van der Hoven, Tuluntulu’s founder and CEO.

Tuluntulu has become one of the largest providers of video/mobile content on the African continent and to download the App is free. The mid-quality video is data-light (+/-50MB/hour, as low as R1.50 /hour) – this is at a lower cost than most comparable video services. There is also a wide bouquet of content choice across multiple genres (34 x TV channels and 28 x Radio streams).

“265Max is delighted to partner with Tuluntulu as it increases the reach of our TV content. Our vision is to create relevant local content for the people of South Africa at the least cost to the end user and Tuluntulu mobile reach, combined with their low data technology makes this the perfect platform for improving the lives and education levels for the people of Africa,’ says a spokesperson on behalf of the channel.

With more and larger international entertainment corporations like YouTube, Apple and HULU opting for online television, 265Max is looking at a total and imminent online television takeover.

Brings eSports TV channel to its audience

Tuluntulu has also announced its partnership with Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) and has launched a new 24/7 esports TV channel called Mind Sports South Africa on the Tuluntulu app.

The Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is the official National Federation for various mind sports in South Africa. MSSA owns all regional, provincial, and national championships for the various games for which it is the custodian.

“eSports is growing at a phenomenal rate globally and Tuluntulu is delighted to partner with MSSA, the official national federation representing the esports community is South Africa. They bring another quality 24/7 esports TV channel to our existing TV channels,’ said van der Hoven.

The channel features games and championships and shares news, views, interviews to keep all updated about championships, clubs, schools, events and sport stars.
There will also be local events and tournaments with some international esports content from the International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) – the official international body for esports.

“MSSA is excited to partner with Tuluntulu as it not only assists MSSA in developing all the games for which it is the custodian of which eSports is showing the greatest growth, but also provides a valuable platform for our local MSSA content, as well as a platform to generate sustainability for MSSA and provide extra exposure for our sponsors and supporters of eSports in Africa,’ says Morizane Boyes, president of the MSSA.

To watch 265 MAX TV, download the Tuluntulu App on the Tuluntulu website or on Google Play & Apple Stores.

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