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In 2016, JustFlicks launched a subscription video on demand service aimed at mobile users.

Billing was handled through a WASP, charging R1 per day.

The JustFlicks domain is registered to STS, the WASP which took over the Vidi website when Times Media Group shut down its streaming service in February 2016.

JustFlicks has now received approval from the FPB to officially launch the service, it said.

“It is unashamedly targeted at the mass market both in content and price, and includes over 2,000 titles with over 200,000 hours and more to be added monthly,’ said spokesperson Joanne Raphael-Katz.

Raphael-Katz said that content is generally curated by IMDb ratings, with over 1,000 titles on the platform scoring between 6 and 8.

“This means there is a lot of good content to select from. The content is unique and not found on any other platform.’
Technical details

JustFlicks said it will soon add the ability to accept credit card payments and an option to subscribe for a monthly fee of R30.

It is also developing an offline viewing feature which will let subscribers download videos onto their devices.

Currently, JustFlicks supports Android and iOS smartphones, and web browsers on PCs.

There are no immediate plans to support smart TV apps, media players like Apple TV and Chromecast, and video game consoles – although JustFlicks said it is looking into it.

JustFlicks said it uses AES-128 encryption over HTTP Live Streaming for digital rights management, with plans to implement support for Google’s Widevine in future.

Content is hosted independently and delivered through its own content delivery network.

Since it is a predominantly mobile service, JustFlicks said it only supports standard definition streaming. “HD streaming on mobile is too expensive.’

A minimum speed of 1Mbps is required to stream from JustFlicks, with higher speeds providing a better experience.

Source: My Broadband


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