DWR Distribution lights up SuperSport studios

SPORTING NEW LIGHTS: Jacques Barnard (Vision Control and Lighting Supervisor, Supersport) and Kevin Stannet (DWR Distribution)

The SuperSport studios in Randburg are converting four of their studios to LED Technology and DWR Distribution has been awarded the supply and installation of the project.

The control will be with three MA dot2 consoles (two studios will be sharing), 136 QuartzColor Fresnels and 17 Philips Strand SoftLight 300S TV Panels. Nine Philips Strand RelayRacks are to be installed to control the entire system.

“Improved power consumption and a reduction in maintenance costs, for example, longer lamp life and fewer lamp changes, are the main reasons SuperSport have decided to go this route,” explained Kevin Stannett of DWR Distribution. “They are going daylight on all four studios which basically means there is no need for gelling old tungsten fixtures. The SoftLights are fairly new to the industry and are amazing to create a soft, even wash in studio. The dot2 is well-known in the industry for its user-friendly ease of operation, making it very accessible in the studios, where there are often various programmers utilising the consoles.”


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