SACIA organises united industry front for ICASA


SACIA released the following statement bringing the industry up to speed: “Summing up the issues around the ICASA regulations and the allocation of Radio Frequencies for low-powered communication devices, there appears to be general consensus that the AV industry needs to engage in a formal conversation with ICASA and ensure that they are better informed about the requirements of the industry sector.

“Wireless microphones are widely used in a broad range of environments, including schools, churches, community centres, conference venues, film sets, OB vans, studios, exhibition halls and music festivals. In engaging in this dialogue with ICASA it is important that the AV sector gathers input from a broad range of sources, including colleagues within EXSA and SAACI.

“SACIA is grateful to Pieter Grootes (independent consultant) and Andy Louis (NAB Technical committee) for sharing their knowledge and experience with the industry.

“As a result of discussion at the meeting the following was agreed:

1. SACIA to appoint an independent consultant to assist in the preparation of a formal submission to ICASA on or before 27 January 2017.

2. Appointment of a task group comprising Llewelyn Reinecke (Gearhouse), Mark Gaylard (MGG), Jeff Isaacs (Wild & Marr), Gavin Atkinson (Audiosure) and Johannes von Weyssenhoff (Starwaves). Additional members may be co-opted as required. The primary purpose of the task group is to provide input to the development of the written ICASA submission (deadline is 27 January), and prepare oral submission for the public hearings scheduled for 2-3 February. The consultant and task group will provide feedback to members no later than Thursday 26 January.

3. An estimated budget of R100,000 is required to prepare a submission to ICASA by 27 January, and to continue engagement with ICASA for a period of time thereafter. This cost should not be carried exclusively by distributors and it is suggested that, in order to share the financial commitment on an equitable basis, larger distributors are asked to contribute a once-off sum of R20,000 (plus VAT) each, while smaller distributors and larger users are asked to contribute a once-off sum of R10,000 (plus VAT) each.

4. The determination of whether a distributor is “large’ or “small’ is left entirely to them.

5. Whilst these payments are entirely voluntary, we require a firm commitment by Monday 16 January – participants to confirm their to willingness to contribute as a matter of urgency.’


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