ShowMax reaches agreement with NAPAfrica


Naspers-owned video-on-demand platform ShowMax has announced it has reached an agreement to peer at the Teraco-managed internet exchange point NAPAfrica, in Johannesburg.

“Streaming video over the internet isn’t difficult, but maintaining a consistently high-quality service can be. By joining NAPAfrica, we’re aiming to reduce latency and network hops, which ultimately means faster response times, fewer buffering events and a better overall customer experience,’ said ShowMax distribution head Mike Raath in a statement.

NAPAfrica was launched in 2012 and has over 200 members on its exchange carrying about 140Gbit/s of peering traffic. ShowMax is expected to add about 50Gbit/s to that number.

ShowMax, which was launched in 2015 and which is now available in 65 countries, said in the statement that internet service providers can peer with it as NAPAfrica by sending a request to

“The decision by ShowMax to join NAPAfrica is encouraging for the continent. It not only supports Africa’s growth, but it also underpins the importance and role of Internet exchanges and further establishes NAPAfrica as the free peering point for the continent,’ said Teraco business development manager Michele McCann in the statement.

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Source: Tech Central


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