Muthambi: TV licences not required to qualify for free STB


According to Tech Central:

Communications minister Faith Muthambi said in parliament on 6 May 2016 that indigent households wanting a free, government-subsidised set-top box to receive digital terrestrial television will no longer have to prove that they possess an SABC television licence.

Until now, government has insisted that those wanting a free set-top box — the state is providing more than five million free boxes to poorer households — must show that they have a valid TV licence. Muthambi said that government has “resolved to de-link the TV licence requirement from the set-top box subsidy registration process.’

“We have in the recent past noticed a slow registration take-up due to the TV licence requirement and insufficient funding to connect the public and [for the] consumer awareness campaign,’ she told parliament’s portfolio committee on communications.

“A properly funded public awareness campaign is crucial to a successful digital migration programme,’ Muthambi said. However, the minister made a “clarion call’ on South Africans to pay their TV licences to “enable the SABC to discharge its public service mandate with ease.’

She added, “I have also instructed the SABC to clean up their TV licence base to have accurate and reliable information on who owns a television set in South Africa to enable proper infrastructure planning.’

Source: Tech Central © 2016 NewsCentral Media


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