The NFVF council calls for nominations for members of its Advisory Panel


The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) council has announced a call for nominations for individuals to serve as members on the foundation’s Advisory Panel. The Advisory Panel members will fulfil the statutory role to advise the council on the merits of applications for grants and on any matter relating to South African film/television/electronic/media or any other related field which the council deems essential.

Members can be nominated by any member of the public. Individuals are encouraged to self-nominate, but nominating other individuals and groups is also welcome. Nominees who will enhance the diversity of the advisory panels are encouraged to apply.

Advisory panels will consist of not more than five people who have each made noteworthy achievements or have special knowledge or experience in the applicable sector. A member of an advisory panel will hold office for a period not exceeding two years and may be appointed on the same or different panel after a further two years has lapsed.

Criteria for nominations:
Persons eligible for nomination must prove to be competent, suitably qualified and have proven experience in the South African film, television, audio-visual and/or electronic media industry.

Advisory Panel members will be expected to assist the NFVF council in the following development areas:
– Application for individual bursaries and grant allocation for education and training.
– Grant allocation for the production of film, TV, and/or audio-visual products.
– Grant allocation for marketing and distribution of film, TV, audio-visual products.


– Nominees must have an understanding of the film, television and electronic media sector;
– OR have special knowledge and experience in the fields of television and filmmaking;
– OR have special knowledge in grant allocation processes;
– OR have proven experience in the film/television/audio-visual and/or marketing industry;
– OR have knowledge of broadcast technology
– OR have experience in education and training

Appointment of Advisory Panels:

– Letters of nomination should clearly describe the candidate’s specific expertise and qualifications related to the criteria above. Nomination materials should include a letter from the nominee indicating willingness to serve for at least two years, as well as a brief statement of the nominee’s qualifications and a current curriculum vitae.
– Nominations should be emailed to: by 3 May 2016 at 12h00.


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