SAM announces key technologies for broadcast workflows of the future


SAM is setting the stage for its business-transforming 4K, IP, HDR, software/virtualisation, and monitoring and workflow solutions. Drawing on the company’s heritage in these areas, SAM is demonstrating and introducing key technologies that will lay the foundation for the broadcast workflows of the future, and support existing architecture while enabling media organisations to expand into new formats.

IP Edge
SAM’s new IP-Edge removes the complexity from hybrid and pure IP rollouts. Products that are IP-Edge enabled include routers, switchers, IQ modular processing, servers and playout systems. Customers can invest with confidence knowing that IP-Edge closely follows the interoperability goals of AIMS, the Alliance for IP Media Solutions. A major product launch in this area is the IQ-Edge processing solution made for interoperable processing of media in IP environments.


SAM will demonstrate how it will enable customers to transition to a datacentre model. SAM’s CiaB solutions – ICE, ICE IP, and ICE SDC – coupled with Morpheus, Momentum and SAM’s xFile framework form a pathway to the future. More specifically, ICE SDC, provides all of the functionality of ICE plus the additional benefits of enabling migration to IP and the cloud. In response to the growing market demand for adjusting content duration, SAM is introducing Alchemist Kronos, which brings Alchemist’s excellent image quality to the application of duration adjustment.

4K Solutions

The Kahuna switcher is SAM’s leading live production product and has clear, demonstrable competitive advantages over other switchers. From SAM’s Quantel Rio heritage, the company has deep experience and know-how of HDR and wide colour gamut. By adding this capability to the live workflows from LiveTouch/sQ Servers plus remote editing to SAM’s new HTTP-based Go! suite, this means SAM’s solutions for fast turnaround sports and news are good.

News Solutions
SAM is showing its latest News Solution package with new features and functionality that allows users to create a fast news package and publish them to any platform; from immediate breaking news on social media to crafted pieces for premium news broadcasts. A new user interface unifies the application regardless of whether the user is editing on a mobile device, creating simple desktop edits, or creating a piece for a broadcast by using a full post production effects package.

Monitoring and workflowSAM’s Media Biometrics brings unique capabilities to monitoring with systems being able to track content throughout a media workflow. By purchasing products that include Media Biometrics, such as SAM’s switchers, multiviewers, routers, XFile and IQ processing solutions, customers are implementing monitoring by exception and maximising their cost savings. It’s now shipping in products across SAM’s portfolio, including the new Sirius 800 integrated multiviewer that brings refined monitoring capabilities.

For more information visits SAM’s website.


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