Sony introduces its first 4K video camera with ultra-high sensitivity


On 9 April, Sony announced the UMC-S3C, a video camera that features high sensitivity with 4K video recording simultaneously, allowing users to capture details even in challenging low-light conditions. The camera also features increased flexibility and long duration video recording alongside 12 megapixel colour still image capture.

The UMC-S3C realises the highest sensitivity in its class with illuminance as under 0.004lx, ISO 409600. This is possible by incorporating Sony’s technologies from both its consumer and professional space – the full-frame 35mm Exmor sensor and image processing engine.

Sony’s UMC-S3C uses a 35mm full-frame sensor which realises high sensitivity with high light condensing efficiency and an image processing engine which enhances noise reduction. With the inclusion of compatible E-mount lenses that are optimised to maximise the performance of the 35mm full-frame sensor, resolution is kept high across the entire image area from the centre to the lens periphery.

Weighing approximately 400g, the lightweight UMC-S3C is currently the most compact camera among Sony’s line-up in the full-frame camera market. With mounting points on the camera body to enhance mobility, the stand-alone camera allows users to embed it onto moving objects including vehicles and robot with ease. In addition, users can control the camera via multi terminal, remote controller or compatible software.

The UMC-S3C is suitable for a variety of applications including disaster responses; wildlife monitoring; mapping or surveying of landscape; surveillance, inspections and investigations; live camera; dashboard/professional point-of-view cameras, among others.

Long duration video recording is also possible as the stand-alone camera is equipped with a memory card slot on the camera body instead of network cabling feature. With a 64GB memory card, users can record up to 125 minutes of 4K footage with standard quality (30 fps/60 Mbps). Further, with 4K resolution, where images are four times better than full HD, users can cover larger areas with outstanding image quality with the camera that also accommodates XAVC S format which enables high quality recording with 100Mbps high bit rate.

Sony’s UMC-S3C will be available from August 2016 onward.


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