Tiffen International presents new M-1 rig at BSC Expo


At the British Society of Cinematographers (BSC) Expo 2016, which runs from 29 to
30 January in London, Tiffen International will present steadicam operators and
filmmakers with the M-1 rig which has received praise from a number of new

The first to be delivered went to Max Zaher, a steadicam operator based in
Germany who has worked on a number of international shoots. “Shooting has
changed – now nobody wants to wait. Setup has to be fast and solid and the M-1 can do this. I can quickly balance and change modes and I love that it’s all tool free, including the G70x arm, and also that it’s designed to be easily updated in the
future. It’s easy to maintain static and dynamic balance in either high mode or low
mode, and to switch back and forth in a matter of minutes, which frees me to
concentrate on the real job of shooting,’ said Zaher.

Los Angeles based steadicam operator Neal Bryant added: “The fast pace of
television demands a rig that configures quickly, and the M-1 has been able to give
me exactly what I need, as soon as I need it. For me, what immediately stands out
about the sled is I have the ability to position the masses anywhere I like. I can
have the monitor high and the batteries low, or I can make the rig completely
coplanar, all in the span of about 30 seconds. It’s obvious that a lot of thought and
care was put into every facet of this rig.’

At the show the M-1 will be rigged with the G-70x arm and Exovest, a good
combination for motion pictures, studio work, drama, location and sport.

Three new Tiffen diffusion filters – Blk SFX, Blk Glimmer Glass and Blk Pearlescent
will also be on display as well as the new Multi Rota Tray, and new range of IRND
combos. In addition, Lowel’s new PRO Power LED, a solution to run and gun location
lighting, and new Prime Location will be showcased.

For more information visit the Tiffen


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