BBS Remote Dimmer for Area 48


BBS Lighting, a provider of remote phosphor technology in LED lighting fixtures, introduces the new Remote Dimmer for its popular Area 48 Soft LED light system. The new unit that fits in your hand allows single or multi-fixture 16-bit dimming of Area 48 Soft fixtures smoothly from 100% to blackout, as well as on/off.

Overriding the settings of the Area 48’s on-fixture controls, the compact Area 48 Remote Dimmer utilises a rotary knob with numerical settings, to allow the lighting technician to easily and precisely dial-in any desired light intensity. An on/off switch toggles the output between blackout and the chosen setting.

What’s more, a single Remote Dimmer can control, in unison, a virtually unlimited number of Area 48 Softs that are connected via DMX 5-pin cabling. With multiple Area 48’s, the remote controls a master fixture (with current BBSNet software) that overrides the on-fixture software settings of all the Area 48’s in the chain.

The Remote Dimmer plugs in, via 4-pin connector, between an Area 48 Soft and the fixture’s Power Supply Unit (PSU) or battery. Up to a 16-foot (5m) cable can be used when the light is powered via battery, while a 32-foot (10m), or less, cable works when the light is powered via the Area 48 PSU.

Built for the rigors or on-set or location work, the sturdy unit weighs just 12-oz (340g), and measures: 13.3cm/5.25′ long x 5.7cm/2.25′ high x 4.1cm/1.5/8′ wide.
Area 48 Soft Remote Phosphor LED lights offer accurate colour rendering (98 TLCI) soft output, comparable to a 1200-Watt traditional soft light. Interchangeable phosphor panels offer quick change from Daylight to Tungsten, to Chroma-Green or Chroma Blue, all in seconds. The Remote Dimmer works at any colour temperature.

For more information visit the BBS Lighting website.


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