Boiler Room partners with LiveU to enrich its live viewing experience


LiveU – a provider of IP-based live video services and broadcast solutions for
acquisition, management and distribution – has formed a partnership with global
music event web broadcaster Boiler Room. The partnership is both promotional and
technical, with Boiler Room deploying LiveU technology while also promoting LiveU
as a partner brand. The deal is being overseen by LiveU’s UK partner Garland
Partners Ltd.

Boiler Room first emerged in 2010 and has quickly established itself as a cultural
phenomenon in the online music world. It streams live music sessions from around
the globe to an audience of eager fans and concentrates on bringing a true sense of
the event – specially arranged by Boiler Room – showcasing the band or DJ, the
music and the atmosphere.

Larry Gale, Boiler Room’s head of Broadcast, said, “Boiler Room is a community, it
fits somewhere between television and radio but we’re trying to do something that’s
different to both. We are focused on streaming the highest quality music experience
to our audience, and LiveU ensures that we can do that, from anywhere with 3G/4G

From a technological standpoint, Boiler Room is now using multiple LU500 backpack
units from LiveU connected to LiveU Central, its unified management platform, for
easy preview and remote control of the units. Most events are streamed live, and
then looped for two or three days before being offered via online video-on-demand
(VOD) access. Some events go straight to VOD, usually due to DJ requirements or
filming logistics.

Larry Gale added, “LiveU allows us to do things now that we simply couldn’t do
before. Five years previously, I worked on a similar project to Boiler Room and we
were tied to venues that had a decent internet connection. Historically for us it’s
been very difficult to bring artists to us; it’s been much easier for us to go to them.
Connectivity is often our biggest challenge on location, as the venues for our events
have to be special. With LiveU we can expand our reach and be even more


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