Hands on with the Canon C300 MKII


The Canon EOS C300 Mark II has been lauded as a run and gun shooters dream. Though slightly heavier than its predecessor with a new robustly fitted handle, its
compact size and easy to reach buttons make it a viable on-the-go companion. Added to this is a built-in mic and the ability to position the monitor in different ways depending on shooting requirements.

But the camera has received some mixed reactions. Its biggest criticisms have been the slow motion crop, which is applied on framerates over 60p (up to 120fps), the new battery, and 4K high frame rate omission. What users are pretty impressed with though, is the advanced auto focus system, 15 stop dynamic range, new high quality codec and clear, detailed image with low-noise.

The filmmaking pro’s at Film Riot have taken the camera on a test drive, and here’s what they had to say.

Source: Film Riot


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