PromaxBDA Africa 2015 highlight: Liz Dunning


Branding Consultant Liz Dunning is one of the creative experts who will be speaking
at the PromaxBDA Africa conference this year, which takes place on 20 November
at the Maslow Hotel in Johannesburg. Dunning’s sessions are titled: “The Ultimate
Branding Bootcamp’.

About the sessions

Creating strong new brands and making sure your existing channels stay relevant is
something all creatives grapple with. Dunning, who has held senior positions at
leading broadcast agencies, including having her own award winning agency for
twelve years, will take you through two engaging sessions on this important

The first session is a journey around the world looking at the tactics used by
channels to clearly and effectively differentiate themselves in their market place.
The second is dedicated to the Ten Golden Rules of branding channels. Dunning will
examine the best way to go about defining the brief, developing the positioning,
inspiring creative, grasping digital and real life extensions to your ideas, through to
building the case for change internally, bringing colleagues with you and selling
your ideas.

For more information visit the PromaxBDA
Africa website


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