Broadcast Solutions uses VSM to be the standard control system in all future Streamline OB Vans


Broadcast Solutions GmbH and L-S-B Broadcast Technologies have jointly
announced an agreement on the exclusive use of VSM in all Streamline OB Vans.

With the Streamline OB Van family, Broadcast Solutions, one of Europe’s largest
system integrators, offers pre-engineered OB Vans for every broadcasting
environment. L-S-B Broadcast Technologies, the German-based specialist in
Broadcast Control Systems, and its VSM system is set as the default control system
in all Streamline OB Vans to be built in the future.

Broadcast Solutions offers Streamline OB Vans in five different versions – from
four, six, eight, 12 to 16 cameras. All Streamline OB’s come with highly developed
and pre-engineered solutions and are delivered turn-key to the customer – fitting in
any outdoor broadcasting environment.

L-S-B and its VSM control system is a leading control and monitoring solution in the
OB Van market worldwide. VSM is an IP-based control system that is scalable,
hardware independent and – due to server redundancy – 100% fail-safe.

Depending on the Streamline version VSM is running in, the VSM system is
implemented with a standardised feature set. This, on the one hand, enables the
users to benefit from all needed functions of the system and on the other hand
offers exactly the functionalities geared to the specific Streamline version and
production demands.

Common to every VSM system in all Streamline versions, the control systems has
direct access to all relevant hardware within the vehicle: router, multiviewer, audio
and vision mixer, intercom and glue equipment. Furthermore VSM controls the
Labels and Tally signals, so there is no need for an additional Tally system.

In the Streamline versions S12 and S16 VSM is implemented with its full feature
set. In the smaller Streamline OB Vans (S 4, S6 and S8), VSM offers video router
control, audio router control, vision mixer control with Tally and Labelling,
multiviewer Tally, Labels, GPIO, Tally and several LCD Panels, depending on the
Streamline version.

At IBC 2015, taking place from 10 to 15 September in Amsterdam, Broadcast
Solutions will show two different Streamline OB versions.


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