Avid enables JTV to streamline operations


Avid recently announced Jewelry Television (JTV), a television
retail network, is making use of Avid Everywhere™ to improve production efficiency,
enhance collaboration and produce a high volume of media to meet a demanding
24/7 production schedule. The end-to-end media management and shared storage
workflow, built on the Avid MediaCentral Platform, enables JTV to streamline
operations, quickly access media assets and create higher-quality content.

“To meet the challenges of broadcasting live 24/7 and generate the highest possible
ROI, it was essential for JTV to streamline production operations and enhance
collaboration throughout its network,’ said Jeff Rosica, senior vice president of
Worldwide Field Operations at Avid. “By implementing cutting-edge media asset
management and shared storage solutions built upon the Avid MediaCentral
Platform, JTV is able to efficiently access its media assets, enhance collaboration
and create high-quality content that motivates audiences to take action.’

Reaching more than 85 million homes across the US, JTV employs 1300 team
members at its facility in Knoxville, TN. The facility consists of three HD studios, a
call centre and a distribution centre. JTV also has an office in Bangkok, Thailand
with 100 employees. The speed of content creation and distribution at JTV requires
the network to operate more like a live sports operation than a typical broadcaster
and amplifies any workflow issues or inefficiencies.

“Other manufacturers offered parts and pieces of a solution, but only Avid offered a
complete, comprehensive workflow,’ said Tim Engle, chief strategy officer at JTV.
“With Avid Everywhere, we have the powerful collaborative workflows we need to
streamline every aspect of our production process and produce the highest quality
content for audiences across the US.’

JTV was looking to enhance existing stored media capabilities to allow teams to
collaborate and share content more efficiently. Furthermore, more efficient tools to
catalogue media will assist production teams filming on location around the world,
enabling more raw footage to be used in building content. JTV also needed a
solution that would enable them to quickly integrate b-roll content to help
supplement programming.

In order to integrate its production process and enhance collaboration throughout its entire network, JTV implemented an end-to-end workflow made up of advanced
Avid media management and shared storage solutions. An Interplay | Production
asset management system enables team members throughout the organisation to
easily access and view media. A cutting-edge Avid ISIS shared storage system
enables JTV to effectively store and access the content it produces. Avid Media |
Index media search management enables production teams to quickly find footage
using keywords.

Media Composer | Cloud enables teams to quickly upload footage from the field
and producers can then access the media from any location using Avid MediaCentral
| UX, the cloud-based, web browser front-end to the Avid MediaCentral Platform.
Finally, Avid Media | Distribute multi-platform distribution enables editors to quickly
publish videos to YouTube, which greatly expands JTV’s audience and opens up new
revenue opportunities.


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