Fresh Eye Films to represent Goodcop


Production house Fresh Eye Films has taken over the exclusive representation for
Goodcop, a company which creates a range of content including TV commercials,
music videos, short-films, web-films and virals.

Goodcop founder Laurence Hamburger says, “For us it’s a definite opportunity for
something very interesting. Fresh Eye, who with its alternative brand, Johnny Gunn,
is clearly looking to evolve, and we want to bring that next element to the picture.”

Fresh Eye Films executive producer Gavin Gillespie comments, “Laurence
Hamburger is an internationally acclaimed director who brings a wealth of
experience and a knack for turning boards into iconic commercials that people
remember long after campaigns have ended. Along with Lyall Coburn and Oliver
Hermanus and their latest signing, another writer/director Zandile Tisani,
Goodcop has a stable of directors that not only complements the existing diverse
range of talent at Fresh Eye but also brings a new vibrancy to our roster.

“We want to bring as wide an array of filmmaking creatives to the table as possible.
Ultimately we want to offer a roster of genuinely diverse talent, all working in
different forms, but all to the same high standards of creativity.”

According to Hamburger, Goodcop as a business wants to focus more acutely on its
long form projects, “Having people like Gavin Gillespie and Hazel Neuhaus handle
your affairs in the commercial world, and bring the kind of solid administration and
production experience that good directors require, is a very important step in our
evolution as company.”


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