Axon SynLive video mixer


SynLive is a modular live production video mixer. Offered as one package SynLive
consists of a basic setup of modules that can be customised.

Key features
• Designed for extremely compact but robust SNG setups
• High density: multiple channels in one frame
• Hot swappable hardware
• Video transitions: fade-cut, cut, cross-fade, cut-fade, v-fade and wipe
• Audio lead/lag settings
• 2D DVE for pic-in-pic and squeeze back
• 2 key and fill inputs (when cascaded)
• Flexible routing options ranging from 8 to 40 inputs or outputs
• Wide variety of control options; hardware panel, software panel
• Tally and UMD management and control
• Physical GPI I/O
• Mixer panel: LPP1000 dual 13 button source selection, T-bar and 4 programmable
LCD buttons
• Setup and control panel based on Cerebrum (AXON’s control and monitoring
software), optimised for touch screen use
• Expandable with 350 different Synapse (AXON’s signal processing product line)
modules and functions
Ethernet based control

Axon products are distributed in South Africa by Inala Broadcast.


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