APP-titude: FiLMiC Pro & Movie Magic Scheduling To Go


We take a look at the apps which are simplifying workflows in pre-, post- and

FiLMiC Pro 

  • Publisher: Cinegenix, LLC
  • Compatible devices: iOS
  • Price: US$7.99

How it works: Filmic Pro is the most popular video recording app for iPhone
filmmakers. It features a simple user interface with focus, exposure and white
balance locks as well as an LED light switch. Users are able to set resolution and
FPS as well as activate an audio meter and adjust settings for advanced encoding.
When shooting with a mobile phone it is important to note that filmmakers may
require additional lighting and external audio recording devices.

Why this is awesome: Mobile cinematography is revolutionising content creation in
that it allows filmmakers to produce videos on much lower production budgets and
offers innovative tools with which to do so. For an indie filmmaker, being able to
capture stories on the go without a kit of bulky and expensive film equipment can
even the playing field. A number of accessories have already been developed to
serve this growing production medium including mounts, stabilisers, lens adaptors
and microphones.

Movie Magic Scheduling To Go 

  • Publisher: Entertainment Partners
  • Compatible devices: iPad only
  • Price: Free

How it works: The Movie Magic Scheduling To Go app is complementary to the
Movie Magic Scheduling 5 and 6 desktop applications. The platform allows users to
import, view, create and make changes to a kind of digital strip board while on set.
Users can move strips around or into the Boneyard; adjust daybreaks and banners
as well as detect scheduling conflicts with red flags.

Why this is awesome: The breakdown of a script and its translation as a strip board
offers filmmakers an overall view of all the scene elements. This allows for efficient
and economical scene arrangement and ordering during production – a tough but
vital task that assists in getting the film finished on time and within budget. By
having access to an app which reflects these changes and corrections in real-time,
filmmakers have an advantage in planning their time on locations and the order of
shooting which is most effective.

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