Managing media workflows


Perfect media management requires an exceptionally well integrated IT
architecture. To maximise the capabilities of the modern broadcast facility it’s
essential for MAM technology providers to apply precision in IT technology to
broadcast and media. The right media IT solutions architecture now provides
broadcasters with full integration across their entire business from acquisition and
production through to packaging and delivery, enabling increasingly efficient and
cost-effective operations.

Traditional linear playout and viewing on demand has evolved more quickly than
many expected into the concept of “content everywhere’ via smart TVs, tablets,
smart phones and PCs. To keep up with the pace of this consumer behaviour,
broadcasters need to have a number of key processes in place including multi-site,
multi-format, multi-platform delivery and increasingly, media business reporting.

Today’s broadcasters require media tools that provide continuous access to content
throughout their business. Removing the unnecessary, and at times, overwhelming
complexity caused by multiple workflow states, wrappers and codecs etc. enables
easier discovery of related media. By providing better tools, this complexity is
replaced by a logical view of the content and workflow with direct access to the
different components for validation: forms to easily select audio; metadata
enrichment for packaging and delivery of content in the correct format.

Broadcasters and global media companies worldwide rely on Tedial’s unique media
IT solutions to manage their entire media workflow and to cost-effectively reach
new audiences on every screen. Tedial’s next generation Evolution™ MAM achieves
real results from business-driven media workflows. It delivers a full range of
scalable, flexible solutions that address the ever-changing media management
landscape. Built on Tedial’s proven flagship Tarsys core, Tedial Evolution
significantly enhances user productivity, quality and accuracy. Advanced
search/indexing tools, new services to surf/explore archives and improved
integration between third-party business systems, and archive and workflow
engines reinforce a collaborative environment. – Esther Mesas, Chief Sales &
Marketing Officer, Tedial

Tedial products and solutions are sold and serviced in South Africa by Inala
Broadcast., 011 206 830


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