EditShare adds XStream EFS to shared storage product line


XStream EFS, an addition to EditShare’s shared storage product line, gives mission-critical media workgroups an open storage platform with smart collaboration
features, such as project sharing, fast performance, multiple levels
of redundancy and scalability.

Andy Liebman, founder and CEO of EditShare comments, “In addition
to EditShare’s core high-bandwidth architecture, the XStream EFS system offers
multiple layers of redundancy that can tolerate the failure of multiple drives, even
an entire node. With XStream EFS, you have an intelligent, highly scalable media
storage platform that’s rock-solid and affordable – the best of all worlds.’

Based on EditShare’s proven media management tools, the new EditShare XStream
EFS solution was specially architected to support high-bandwidth, high-volume
media ingest, transcoding, online collaborative editing and multiplatform distribution
of HD, 2K, 4K and beyond. Whenever a file is written to an EFS system, pieces of
the data – along with a second level of redundancy information – are spread across
multiple nodes ensuring users get the combined speed of the nodes, plus extra file
protection security. The high availability architecture offers advanced redundancy
and data protection features at multiple levels, including redundant metadata
controllers, ensuring work continues irrespective of a hardware failure. Flexible
storage capacity configuration options let facilities build storage systems from
under 100 TB all the way up to five petabytes.

The EditShare Flow 3.2 release features new format support, remote collaboration
and automation capabilities, a “High Availability’ database option, and other
enhancements that help facilities build a more efficient production pipe. Topping the
robust feature list are: expanded support for 4K codecs and single-file-per-frame
formats such as DPX and CinemaDNG; download capabilities which expand the
remote collaboration power of AirFlow, the web-based portal into Flow; and fully
automated transcoding and delivery workflows.

Enhancements to AirFlow allow users to batch download both high-resolution media
files as well as proxies via a web browser from anywhere in the world, opening up
new possibilities for remote collaboration and proxy workflows. In addition, Flow’s
expanded format support means facilities can better manage new and emerging 4K
formats such as ProRes 4444, AVC-Ultra and XAVC as well as R3D files and “one-
file-per-frame’ formats including DPX, CinemaDNG, ARRIRAW, PNG and TIFF.


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