VidiGo Case Study – ITN Productions



ITN Productions selected VidiGo to enable the production department to make their
own programs independently without having to invest in extremely high skilled
people. VidiGo replaced the existing full spec 350.000 pound mixer and a 100.000
pound sound mixer gallery.

ITN Productions was searching for a software solution that could happily be used by
day to day operators without having to do anything complicated.


ITN Productions director Simon Williams says: ‘It’s really easy to use, it’s quick and
easy to pick up, and… it’s just easy’. Simon comes from a radio background, so he’s
not used to a massive gallery, but he’s sure it’s pretty difficult and expensive.
VidiGo, he picked up over the course of about four hours.

One of the shows they produce with VidiGo is FYI Daily, a 60 second newsflash.
‘We’ve build up a hot key bank of 12 scripts, each of them play the titles of the
show, certain clips and animations. Each day we get six edited clips that we import
into the asset manager. And that’s how easy it is to produce a show.’

In conjunction with VidiGo Live they also use VidiGo Toolbox for live Skype
interviews and Google Hangout. Roger Williams, technical manager: ‘It’s the only
solution on the market that can handle two way video calls, and it does it very


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