AMOS-5 satellite to transmit new Nigerian pay TV platform


Spacecom, the operator of the AMOS satellite fleet, has announced that the AMOS-5 satellite has won a multi-year contract to transmit Nigeria’s new Pay TV platform, African Cable TV (ACTV). From its 17°E orbital position, the satellite will send
ACTV’s signals to viewers throughout Nigeria over its Ku-1 beam.

ACTV is a new digital pay TV platform offering over 60 channels to Nigerian viewers
which significantly strengthens the 16-17° East position, already the leading DTH
and free-to-air video neighbourhood in West Africa. This will improve the quality
and effectiveness of broadcasting services to the region and deliver viewers a
larger channel line-up from one virtual orbital position.

Godfrey Okreh, CEO of ACTV said, “Creating the ACTV platform is an exciting
project and with the support of AMOS-5 at 17°E we look forward to an exciting
future. Our viewers in Nigeria deserve choice, and we at ACTV are giving them new
and stimulating offerings for their pleasure.”

Eitan Mesika, Spacecom’s VP sales West Africa commented, “ACTV is primed to
become a force of change in Nigeria’s communications sector and Spacecom is
pleased to be their choice for satellite services. AMOS-5 at 17°E reaches all of
Nigeria with its strong signal. Our team business approach enables our ACTV
partners to focus on their competitive advantages in the market.”


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