Music video illustrates creative capabilities of drone camerawork


The US band OK Go has a reputation for using creative mechanics in their music
videos, and their latest video for the single I Won’t Let You Down is no
exception. Using drone cinematography, the perfectly synched choreography of
Japanese schoolgirls opening and closing colourful umbrellas in various shapes and
patterns is captured. Towards the end of the video the umbrellas function as pixels,
projecting images of lyrics and band members’ faces. The drone was controlled by
hand and GPS from a height of approximately 800m.

The video was produced by Japan based agency Mori Inc and brought to life by key
crew: creative director and founder Morihiro Harano; directors Kazuaki Seki and
Damian Kulash Jr.; choreographer furitsukekagyou air:man; and cameraman
Makoto Okuguchi.

Amazingly, the final video was filmed in one shot after approximately 60 takes and
was shot in double-time in order to apply time-remapping in post-production. This
visually dynamic editing technique allows for advanced adjustments to be made to
playback speed over time. This also allowed the dancers to perform at half speed,
enabling them to execute moves with greater accuracy.

I Won’t Let You Down was shot in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

Watch the I
Won’t Let You Down
music video


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