Times Media Films enters distribution deal with CodeBlack Films


CodeBlack Films, a division of leading global entertainment company Lionsgate, announced that it has entered into an agreement with Times Media Films to distribute films in South Africa. Times Media Films holds approximately 44% of the film distribution market in South Africa and supplies films to Nu Metro, Ster-Kinekor and a number of Independent cinemas. Its distribution also extends into East and West Africa.

The deal encompasses guarantees for five films and a mid-six figure guarantee for each film distributed.

Traditionally CodeBlack has focused their efforts the US marketplace, producing smaller budget movies which cater to the African-American audiences. After identifying content popularity in other territories, via YouTube and other social media platforms, the company is now looking to expand into South Africa and the UK.

According to Variety, Jeff Clanagan, CodeBlack’s president and founder said, “There is a significant audience over there that is looking for African-American content. Through social media and grassroots strategy we’re going to work with our partners to build these markets.’


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