There is a new horse in town, and it has stripes all over it


Zebra Worldwide, a global media services group with a stable of businesses
supporting media and marketing clients with creative, operational and technology
services, recently set up its South African operation in Cape Town, adding to its
international operations network, which already includes offices in London and

Nic Franklin explains the new set-up and its operations within the context of Zebra’s
already well-established international networks.

The Zebra Worldwide group consists of the international production company Stripey
Horse, post-production service provider Zebra Post and Zebra Crossing, an
international adaptation agency. Stripey Horse delivers creative concepts and
development of television commercials and content production in the short form
advertising space as well as broadcast production and long form content.

Zebra Post is designed to work on bespoke high end visual effects and edits for both
short and long form projects and Zebra Crossing specialises in re-versioning master
TV assets, working culturally with local markets to deliver centralised production for
global clients.

The group handles workflows that have been fine-tuned to deliver pre-production
shoot planning right the way through to final broadcast delivery around the globe.

Zebra Worldwide has now set up their new office in Portswood Road in the V&A
Waterfront area.

What led to the decision to set up the South African branch?

Franklin: We had landed a rather large account that saw us
needing to expand our production base so instead of us doing that in London, we
decided that, as my heritage is South African, a lower cost base in Cape Town could
see me dusting off my old surf board and also delivering a lot of business benefits for
that client. It also gave us the opportunity to offer other clients the ability to access
the beautiful Cape and of course the world class talent that Cape Town, and South
Africa in general, has to offer.

What projects will you be starting off with? Will most of your business
consist of long or short form?

Franklin: From the time we landed back in the Cape it has taken
us two months to be fully operational, working with London and Australia. Zebra
Crossing has kicked things off and we have already delivered 40-odd TV commercials
to the international market. Lasernet have provided us with fantastic support and
great connectivity which has made the fact that we are doing this from the bottom of
Africa no different from doing this work in London or Australia. For the most part we
are producing short form TV ads to market, but as a content media business we don’t
restrict ourselves to a particular format.

Can you introduce your Cape Town staff contingent? Who will head up each
department and who are the key creatives?

Franklin: Alongside our very talented VFX and edit team we have
Kerry Macdonald who is heading up things as a senior producer working across all
post-production endeavours but also on Stripey Horse business shooting both here in
Cape Town and with the teams in London. Bernadine Wolfaardt–Franklin heads up all
things financial as our CFO and I take the reins as the executive creative director
internationally on all strands of ZWW business. Luke Hammersley, my partner in
crime, is based in London with a very strategic role as our CEO. We both share the
passion for finding exceptional talent and putting them into play at the right time so
will be looking at signing some local South African directors to add to our
international roster.

Are there any specific market needs and opportunities that Zebra has
identified in South Africa and how will the company adapt its offerings to the

Franklin: I believe the South African market is full of opportunity
and there is a lot that we can bring to bear locally for clients who are looking to work
differently and who want a great service at a fair price. Our model is simple: good
work comes from good relationships. We have our targets set for who we are going to
approach, so watch this space. It also doesn’t hurt that we will be able to offer local
clients an international passage and enable them to connect with that.

Contact: Kerry Macdonald
tel: (021) 409 2014


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