Al Jazeera Innovation Challenge call for entries


The Al Jazeera Media Network invites software designers, technologists, and
developers from around the world to enter its first major community initiative –
an online Innovation Challenge. Themed ‘nonlinear narratives’ the challenge
aims to bring about new ideas about storytelling in mobile and web applications.

Morad Rayyan from Al Jazeera Innovation and Research says, “Typically, the
stories and content we create and consume are linear, and follow a logical,
cause and effect structure. Yet our minds and memories work in a nonlinear
way, and this offers an opportunity for new types of storytelling, and new
methods of media consumption.

“The applications and software put together for the Innovation Challenge
should provide new, flexible, and reusable methods of creating or consuming
such nonlinear narratives.”

The competition will reward winners with the possibility of future incubation of
ideas, invitations to large innovation events and $25 000 in cash prizes.

Participants may find it helpful to register early as this will allow them to draft
their submissions in the limited time period. In addition, as they are also able to
team up with others seeking to collaborate on the challenge, this will also allow
them to start browsing existing submissions.

The deadline for submissions is 30 September 2014 at 14h00 GMT.

Visit the Al Jazeera Innovation
Challenge website
or email for more


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