X Factor UK campaign centred around user generated videos


From 30 August fans of UK talent show The X Factor will be able to
download the TalkTalk Mix Off app via the Apple App Store, or Google play. The
app, created by show sponsor TalkTalk TV, gives viewers the chance to take
inspiration from their favourite artists and star in their own unique Mix Off music

First, users must select and customise a track and video style. They are then
able to record a performance and add others to their video. The most popular
videos will appear in TalkTalk TV’s The X Factor sponsorship
bumpers and on TalkTalk’s new TV player, which broadcasts to 1.1 million
TalkTalk TV homes.

Olivia Streatfeild, TalkTalk’s commercial director commented: “Our customers love
the exclusive access they get to The X Factor and the chance of
being on TV is hugely exciting for many. That’s why user generated videos are at
the heart of this year’s campaign. We want to get everyone involved, whether
it’s the whole family, neighbours, and even pets, we can’t wait for TalkTalk
homes to come together and enjoy one of the best shows on TV even

With a variety of filters and graphic effects available on the app, fans will be able
to give each Mix Off video a unique look and feel. In addition, they will be able to
choose from a wide range of tracks – from pop classics, to power ballads.

TalkTalk’s multiplatform campaign will also give fans and TalkTalk customers the
opportunity to win tickets and exclusive access to live shows, sound checks and the finale.

Visit the TalkTalk Mix Off app
for more information.


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