Rising stars and new players make their impacts at IBC2014


Over the years IBC has consistently reflected recruitment concerns within the
industry and taken care to ensure that the next generation of technicians and
craftspeople, that will drive electronic media and entertainment forward into the
future, is fully represented at the show.

The launch of IBC Rising Stars, a few years ago, moved these efforts up a gear
and the result has been an incredibly successful programme of tailored
conference sessions and events designed specifically for the new generation of
content and media technology professionals who are looking to get into the
electronic media and entertainment industry.

The programme is free to attend — all the Rising Stars have to do is get to
Amsterdam and find a place to stay — and it offers multiple opportunities for
networking (which include invite-only lunches, IBC Rising Stars accelerometer
speed sessions and the exclusive and increasingly legendary Rising Stars party)
as well as the opportunity to gain inspiration from current Rising Stars who are
already making their way in the industry.

Sessions designed to help people take that all-important first step in the
industry include “Next Generation Business: How Entrepreneurs and
Intrapreneurs are driving change’; “Pushing Boundaries – A Creative
Masterclass’ which examines what the industry and Rising Stars delegates
should focus their attention on for the near future; and practical advice on
building a killer CV and constructing career paths.

IBC Rising Stars takes place over Sunday 14 and Monday 15 September 2014.
More details, including how to apply for a place, are available on the IBC website

Interestingly, the Rising Stars session regarding constructing career paths says
that the pace of change is so great now that people need to think of a three-
year plan rather than a five-year one.

This is reflected in the main IBC Conference where a whole day of discussion
and debate is given over to the incredible rise of the digital content players such
as Netflix and Hulu; a rise that could not have been predicted five years ago.

The day’s theme, “The Impact of New Players. The Challenges to the Established
Order’ on Saturday 13 September, provides a fascinating opportunity for
Conference attendees to gauge the changes affecting the industry as the roles
of content producers, aggregators, service providers and more are increasingly
affected by the growth in IP delivery.

“Who Owns the Audience Now?’ On Saturday 13 September at 12h00 in the
Forum, assesses the threat to traditional broadcast from the big OTT players,
especially given that the volume of content commissioned by these new players
is relatively small. It also asks whether the Netflix model can scale, whether it
can uncover another House of Cards, how broadcasters are exploiting
OTT distribution in response and how they can apply their knowledge of their
audience to the new model.

The Conference also takes a look at major sporting events and how IP and file-
based workflows are changing the nature of sports content creation and
distribution, a subject which is particularly relevant in the wake of the Winter
Olympics and FIFA World Cup. IBC in particular will be the first industry gathering
able to assess the impact of new technology from the Brazilian carnival of
football and, with so many game-changing technologies deployed, major
international sports.

Events: Producing for a Global Audience’ on Saturday 13 September 2014 at
14:30 in the Forum is going to be a fascinating session.

For more information about the IBC Rising Stars Programme visit the IBC Rising Stars page

View the IBC Conference Programme and buy your pass
today at the registration page


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