A good dash of Jack swagger


The first ever Jack Daniel’s television advert to be shot outside of the US uses
Jack’s life story as a metaphor to inspire South Africans to achieve success on
their own terms. The commercial delivers the thought-provoking message:
“What’s your story? Make it worth telling.’

In an interactive creative process between Brown-Forman Global, the wine and
spirits company which represents Jack Daniel’s, and Cape Town based creative
agency Bletchley Park, Jack Daniel’s powerful story is told in a way that is locally
relevant and engaging.

Kelly Putter, creative director at Bletchley Park explains: “Jack’s story is a real
one about a real man who achieved by living life on his own terms. We feel real-
life stories are the best way to motivate people, especially stories as authentic
and inspiring as Jack’s.’

Giant Films produced the spot which was filmed at Casa Labia in Muizenburg,
Union House, Buchannan Square parking lot and the Milestone Recording Studio
in Cape Town on 15 and 16 April.

“We were looking for a very specific look and feel in the locations – the right mix
of grit and style – and Cape Town has a variety of fantastic locations to choose
from,’ remarks Putter.

The key crew included art director Elmi Badenhorst, first assistant director Craig
Brorson, gaffer Gilles Bousaiq, grip Allan Gray and DOP Jamie Ramsay, who shot
the ad using a Red Epic camera.

Giant Films producer Laura Sampson said their biggest challenge was finding
actors who had the right look, pitch of voice and that quintessential Jack Daniel’s
confidence. She comments: “We did extensive studio casting in Cape Town,
Jo’burg and Durban. Jack’s protagonists are real men. They are all their own
islands in style and character. They are a breed unto themselves.’
In addition to the commercial, Jack Daniel’s ran a digital campaign on Facebook
based on the mysterious Jack Daniel’s Old No.7, encouraging fans to interact
with the brand by hiding the number seven in various forms throughout the

“This year Jack Daniel’s took over the headline sponsorship of BOOMTOWN, the
biggest socialite event on the South African calendar, which takes place at the
Vodacom Durban July. We used the hidden 7s campaign partly to drive
viewership of the new commercial, but also to reward Jack enthusiasts with a
chance to win tickets to BOOMTOWN. Consumers who accurately identified the
hidden 7s in the ad were entered into a draw to win VIP tickets to the event,’
says Putter.

Sampson believes the ad will resonate with South African audiences because:
“It’s an international story that lands here in South Africa and proves that if you
believe in yourself, your “story’ will take you far.’

Currently the ad is only running in South Africa, however Putter remarks that
they are looking at airing it in several other African countries as well.


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