Puma Video increases its lighting inventory


In response to client demand, Randburg-based gear rental facility Puma Video
recently added a selection of high-end lights to its inventory.

According to Henk Germishuysen, owner of Puma Video, the facility had received
numerous requests from clients, both new and regular, for new HMI lights. He
was keen to comply with these requests as it would further establish his
business as a comprehensive one-stop shop for Gauteng’s film crews.

Germishuysen decided on a compromise in terms of brand concentration while
still maintaining high quality in his light inventory. He purchased a total of eight
new HMIs, including three Arri M series lamps (2 M8s and 1 M18), as well as five
Dynacore lights (3 x 575 HMI and 2 x 1.2K HMI’s).

Arri’s M series consists of several lenseless HMIs distinguished by their use of
MAX technology, Arri’s special reflector design that unifies the advantages of
Fresnel and PAR fixtures. The M8 is the smallest in the series at an output of
800W, but with the MAX technology and the open face design, this little lamp
can equal a 1200W lensed PAR or Fresnel in brightness. The M18 is as small as a
1200W PAR but is capable of a light output that is 70 per cent higher.

Dynacore’s DTD-575W is a daylight Fresnel with a 575W power output. It is
lightweight and rugged, making it suitable for fast set-up and breakdown on all
kinds of locations. The Dynacore 1.2kW lights are popular on sets because of
their output to weight (and price) ratio as well as their ease of use, including the
ability to be run on house power – a quality they share with the Arri Ms.

These lights have just entered Puma’s inventory and are now available for
rental. Call 011 886 1122/3/4 to find out more about the lights and their rates.


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