Architect Africa Film Festival online short film competition


The Architect Africa Film Festival (AAFF), an event organised by the Architects Collective, takes place at the Durban International Film Festival from 17 to 27 July. The festival is endorsed by the UIA 2014 World Congress on Architecture, which takes place from 3 to 10 August.

In the build-up to the event, the AAFF is running an online international short film competition which will offer winners the opportunity to have their films screened at the AAFF mobile cinema during the festival, while finalists will be showcased at the UIA 2014 Durban World Congress on Architecture.

The competition is an initiative of The Architects Collective, a non-profit company responsible for hosting cultural events which promote the profession in Africa.

Launched in December 2013, the competition runs until 11 July 2014 and aims to generate content on the built environment in developing countries and cities around the world, such as South Africa. The competition is open to anyone who is interested in sharing ideas on their cities, architecture and built fabric.

The UIA 2014 World Congress on Architecture, which runs from 3 to 7 August at the Durban ICC, is a pivotal architecture and city-making event belonging to the UN-accredited International Union of Architects, which reaches 1,3m architects in over 120 countries.

Competition Guidelines

Films must tell stories which reflect the fluid and dynamic relationship that evolves between humanity and built form, how space can be re-purposed to better suit a need, how individuals and/or communities desire space to be transformed and evolved. This could be in the form of an event which has already happened, or a current issue. The film must have an association with space, and reveal to the public what is normally not seen.

The film needs to be up to 15 minutes long and have a focus on the concerns, dynamics, contestation, and relationships which occur when people react and engage with space. The UIA2014 Congress themes are resilience, ecology and values, which are also to be the themes for the online film competition.

Each entry must fit into one, and only one, of the following three categories: Professional, Open, Student. Each individual participant may take part in different categories by entering different works.

How to enter

Competition participants must:

Complete a registration form.

Upload the short film to YouTube.

Complete the entry form.

Deadline: midnight on 30 June 2014.


Five prizes will be awarded: one in each of the three categories as selected by the jury; an overall Best Film prize as selected by the jury and a Best Film prize as voted by the Public. This is awarded to the film that has received the most votes from the AAF website and social networks.

Visit the AAFF website for full competition terms and conditions.

For enquiries contact Karen Eicker on

Visit the Architects’ Collective website for more information.


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