Puma Video invests in inventory upgrade


Based in Randburg, Puma Video is a well-established equipment rentals facility
catering to the film and television industries with a particular focus on the latter.
Over the past year, it has embarked on a major mission to upgrade most of its
camera inventory to current models.

The latest arrivals include the new Sony PMW 300s – the new generation
version of the classic Sony EX-3. Puma has also acquired the baby in this series,
the Sony PMW-150. This offers the same quality as the PMW-300 but in the
smaller Sony Z5 body, making it a lot cheaper than the PMW 300.

Another addition is the new Sony LA FZB1, a ZF to B4 lens mount adapter that
many cameramen in the industry will find very exciting, as it allows for the use of
all Canon ENG 2/3′ and Canon KLL Cine lenses on Sony F-3 or Sony F-5/55
cameras. The adapter has some very clever and expensive glass that “spreads’
the light to fill the S-35 sensors of these cameras to fully utilise the super 35mm
sensor with 2/3′ lenses. It reserves the same angle of view as the 2/3′ lens
being used, and a 12-pin interface allows control over iris, zoom and camera

Puma has also introduced the TV-Logic 5.5′ on-board monitors to its inventory.
These work extremely well with the Sony F-55, Sony FS-700 and Canon 5D kits
that the rentals company regularly sends out. They are extremely light, packed
with features and offer a full 1920 x 1080 display.

A handy accessory for users of the Sony FS-700 is the HXR-IFR5 RAW interface
for the camera, which Puma now has on hand. This allows one to record RAW
onto the Sony AXS-R5 recorder. Both the FS-700s and F-55 are on the latest
firmware versions.

Finally, Puma recently added the HME wireless comms system from Clear Comm.
This augments its existing cable comms systems from Pro Sound, with which it is
fully compatible. The HME has proven hugely popular and is a welcome addition
to the fly-away multi-cam units that Puma has put together.

This is just the beginning of Puma’s effort to augment and upgrade its
equipment in 2014, with further new acquisitions set to take place during the
course of the year. Due to the constant upgrades, Puma is always able to offer
excellently maintained, used kit for sale.

Contact Puma Video on 011 886 1122/3/4 or visit www.pumavideo.co.za.


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