Cam-A-Lot diversifies its client base


Cam-A-Lot operates out of the Randburg suburb of Ferndale and offers a variety
of rentals and services ranging from cameras (both video and still) to a fully HD-
equipped studio space. Due to client demand in Pretoria, the company has also
opened a branch in the east of the capital, providing for what appears to be a
quietly growing market in that city.

The facility services a broad cross section of the industry. “It’s amazing how the
industry is changing and growing due to the increased accessibility that the
internet provides,’ says Cam-A-Lot’s Glen Theron. “This has opened the doors to
the incredibly diverse clientele we now have. The majority of our clients used to
be professional crew members in the television industry. But now we have
requests to supply gear for churches, as well as functions, where the
programming is often streamed to the web. Corporates have also seemed to
embrace the power of video, not just for marketing and training purposes but
also for “fun’. We are seeing more and more videos being made on which the
staff get involved and use video as a medium for team building exercises. Both
church and corporate sectors have now become major parts of our

One of the main challenges for those in the equipment rentals sector of the
production and broadcast industries is the need to stay on top of constantly
evolving technology. “It is impossible to keep 100 per cent up to date with all
the latest gear all the time,’ says Theron. “However, as always, we do our best
to accommodate our clients. If we don’t have the gear we will go out of our way
to get it. We are very good at making a plan for our faithful clients.’

Among the new gear that Cam-A-Lot has recently added to its stock is the Sony
PMW150, which is a popular and capable replacement for the EX3. In the lower
end of the market, the Panasonic AC90 and the Sony NX70 are very popular for
shoots with lower budgets or where a smaller camera is needed. On the other
end of the spectrum is the Sony FS700, with its Super 35mm sensor and its
ability to shoot 4K. On the lighting side, Cam-A-Lot has a large array of LED

The past year was a good one for Cam-A-Lot and 2014 is looking just as good if
not better, with a number of major projects lined up. It has also scored a major
coup through being contracted to be involved with news gathering work in Brazil
during the FIFA World Cup.

Contact Cam-A-Lot on 011 787 6234 or visit their website at:


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