Shorts contend for coveted award at DIFF


The Muhr Awards will offer thousands of dollars in cash prizes to winners selected
from 15 short films which will feature at the 2013 Dubai International Film Festival
(DIFF) from 6 to 14 December.
Established in 2006, the awards have given fame to the talented young filmmakers
the region.

Masoud Amralla Al Ali, DIFF artistic director said: “These films are small gems that
pack a lot of story into a short duration. Audiences can see five or six excellent,
gripping films in the time it would take to see a feature, making for a memorable
festival experience.

“While short films are an art form in and of themselves, they are also often a calling
card for emerging directors building a portfolio of work and challenging themselves
before taking on a feature project. Rewarding short filmmakers is therefore an
important part of nurturing the film industry in the region, which has been one of our
most cherished goals since the beginning.’

Erfan Rashid, director of the Arab Programme added: “Short films allow filmmakers to
quickly captivate audiences and offer room to experiment, often breaking cinematic

The short films featured in the line-up are:

Troubled Waters

Directed by Toufic Khreich, the story features the return of a man to Lebanon after
living in Canada for 20 years to reconcile with his violent, estranged father.


A young British expat living with his mother in Kuwait runs away with a Kuwaiti
neighbour when his mother leaves him home alone. The film is directed by Hamad Al-

Children of War

A film by Ahmed Yassin, which portrays a child’s view on war through the eyes of a
young orphanage boy who draws to express his emotions.

Children of God

Meedo Ali’s take on young love tells the story of a boy who bets his prized collection
of football posters on the girls’ team winning a battle-of-the-sexes football match.


A one-shot film by Yassine Morroccu that features a complicated love story between
a Muslim and a Jew in Morocco.

Train of Silence

A young man and woman from different worlds come into each other’s lives during a
chance encounter that changes their destinies forever. The film is directed by
Hisham Al Zouki.

Condom Lead

Twin brothers Mohammed and Ahmed Abu Nasser present a film which explores the
loss of the sexual instinct during a time of siege and violence.

The Lost Voice

Bavi Yassin presents the story of a famous Iraqi singer who is forced to leave her
native country, and loses her voice. Only through a relationship with a young refugee
is she able to see other things worth living for.


A film by Rama Mari, which follows a mother and son who try to hide a deadly crime
in the West Bank.

The Culture of Appearances

A young Moroccan woman living in a suburb of Paris gets into trouble when she tries
to find money to deport the body of her deceased father. The film is directed by
Myriam Chetouane.

My Brother

Ulaano Salim’s drama is focused around two friends who find themselves involved in
the criminal world of Copenhagen.

The Deep

Haider Rashid tells the story of a young Iraqi man’s dream to play football. In a
crime-filled country, his struggle for survival begins after he runs away from what
seems to be his only path in life.

Speed of Light

Directed by Youssef Alimam, the film follows a depressed psychiatrist who, after
losing his wife and daughter in a tragic incident, meets a patient who claims to be a
time traveller.

Morphine Melody

A film by Hicham Amal in which a famous composer gradually regains his memory after
an accident, yet still struggles to remember how to create music.

The Disquiet

An actual shattering of the earth is mounting in Lebanon, building up to imminent
disaster in this film directed by Ali Cherri.

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