Statement from MetropolitanRepublic re Loeries and MTN


South African ad agency MetropolitanRepublic has released the following media statement regarding the recent Loerie Awards. The statement reads: “Following due consideration to the awards recently won at the 2013 Loerie Awards, MetropolitanRepublic will be withdrawing each of the awards won on the night for brand MTN.

“The matter has been under discussion with management since the awards were won as it has been established that due process around entering the awards had not been followed nor cleared with the executive team within MetropolitanRepublic, nor with the client.

“The fact of the matter is that while the overarching conceptual idea and creative executions had been presented and approved by our client, the concept is still in development.

“Once due diligence is completed to allow for the campaign to roll out, we will work closely with our client to ensure the intended impact of this initiative.

“As an agency that believes in the integrity and privilege of client relationships and the work they allow us to do, we are sincerely apologetic for our lack of process around how the entries were allowed to go ahead in the absence of formal approval.

“Needless to say we have instituted a very rigorous process around entries from this moment on which ensures total eligibility and written approvals from the CEO and chief creative officer.’


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