Panasonic goes “Wide’


At IBC Panasonic Professional Camera Solutions announced its new Ultra Wide Angle Camera, which consists of a unique panoramic video shooting system that combines four AW-HE120 cameras assembled into a single compact rig configuration. The Ultra Wide Angle Camera is capable of producing panoramic images in HD quality making it ideal for capturing sports games and events.

It stitches the images taken by its four HD cameras (16:9) in real-time to produce seamless ultra wide 180° (64:9) panoramic images. For sporting action it covers the entire field at once. That makes the moves and formations of all players clearly visible to viewers. The HD resolution is sharp enough to make the shirt numbers of all players easily legible even when enlarged.

The compact rig of the Ultra Wide Angle Camera allows the system to be easily transported and installed in stadiums or on location. A PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) automatic adjustment function ensures the camera system is immediately ready for use after set-up by eliminating the need to synchronise viewing angles among the four cameras. The Ultra Wide Angle Camera is operated and controlled via a standard IP connection.

Each of the four cameras in the Ultra Wide Angle Camera has a 20x zoom lens. The included Panoramic Software for PC communicates directly with the cameras via TCP/IP and supports HD SDI capturing for high picture quality. The camera system has four 1/3-type 2.2-megapixel U.L.T. MOS sensors that enable Full HD superior picture quality. In addition, the Ultra Wide Angle Camera has four high-performance Digital Signal Processors (DSP) for fine image rendering.


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