Ultra-portable teleprompting kit


Leading teleprompter manufacturer Autocue will launch a self-contained, ultra-portable teleprompter kit at IBC in Amsterdam this week.

Mark Shoesmith, Autocue’s Hardware director, explains the current issues with prompting in the field: “A teleprompter is often ruled out for outside broadcast shoots because the kit is too big and bulky to carry, and the cabling and power requirements too complicated. iPad prompters offer much better portability but often don’t meet professional broadcasters’ requirements.’

He notes that the key to Autocue’s new ultra-portable kit is a new folding hood and a brand new Autocue app. Thanks to these new developments, Autocue is able to fit an entire teleprompting kit in a 1600 Peli Case. There’s a battery powered Master Series 12′ prompter, a camera mount and bracket set and the new folding hood – all secured in a custom foam insert.

The script is fed to the prompter using the new iAutocue app on an iPad. This app enables the user to take a video output from the iPad and feed it directly to teleprompter monitor. The speed of the script is controlled from the iPad – from where the script can also be edited. There’s no need for a dedicated laptop and controller.

Shoesmith concludes, “The rig and de-rig of the teleprompter is extremely easy, each taking less than five minutes. Our new kit is so simple and effective that it can be used on any outside shoot.’


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