Bradley shows three new cameras at IBC


The BEHD15 mini remote HD camera, the HDC150/150SR HD MOS mini remote ball camera and the “Eyeb’ camera by British manufacturer Bradley Engineering will have their debut at IBC from 13 to 17 September.

All three models are fully remote controlled 4 Megapixel HD mini cameras for unobtrusive and remote filming.

The BEHD15 mini remote camera and the HDC150/150SR HD MOS mini remote ball camera follow on from Bradley’s BEHD10 and HDC100/100SR models and are the same size as their 2 Megapixel counterparts.

“We’re using a new sensor and lens and we major on smooth moves and controllable movement, and these little cameras can be colour-matched to much larger ones,’ says David Bradley, former BBC cameraman and designer of remote cameras. “The elegant Eyeb is a new design altogether, it is a mini PTZ camera with particularly cool styling and a must-see at IBC this year.’

The BEHD15 offers HD or SD, PAL, NTSC up to 1080p with SDI and analogue outputs and a 10:1 zoom lens, all self-contained with an aluminium case. It is also infra-red sensitive and has an IP66 option. It is designed to give greater detail in low-light conditions without noise.

The HDC150/150SR is a mini remote “ball’ HD MOS camera which is HD / SD switchable with PAL, NTSC, 1080i, 1080p and 780p, offering 10:1 zoom and 32 pre-sets for pan, tilt, zoom and focus. This camera is designed for smooth, quiet operation and has an infra-red mode. Typical applications would be auditoriums, reality shows, commentary positions, dressing rooms, vehicles or any situation that requires a discreet camera with full remote control.

The Cam-Ball 3, as with all of Bradley’s products, is backwards compatible with the manufacturer’s other cameras and operates with all of the company’s accessories and RCPs.

This year Bradley has invited close associates to join them at the IBC stand to display a variety of applications which use Bradley’s cameras.

These are AirFilms, suppliers of UAV filming services; Versatile, a supplier of a specialist remote head for crane operations; Blackcam, supplier of dollies, rigs and rails for remote-controlled camera systems; and CamMate which builds high-quality cranes for the film and video industry.

Visit Bradley Engineering at IBC Hall 11, Stand F41.
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