A ‘Public’ announcement


Joe Public Johannesburg’s energy, professionalism and authenticity were the reasons for its being appointed as the above-the-line agency for Steers, according to Derrian Nadauld, chief marketing officer, Famous Brands.

“We appointed Joe Public because they provided the right answers and demonstrated a solid understanding of the Steers brand’s assets and the product intrinsics. In addition there was great chemistry and rapport with the Joe Public team,” notes Nadauld

The agency will be assisting Steers with its new brand positioning, promotional campaigns and product launches.

Says Joe Public CEO, Gareth Leck: “It is an honour to be tasked in assisting with the growth of such an iconic South African brand and we look forward to working with the Famous Brands group. They are a true South African success story and we are humbled to have been entrusted with their flagship brand. We look forward to making a difference and doing everything we can to grow their business”


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