Demand for robotic minicam systems


Camera Corps (a Vitec Group company) reports increasing worldwide recognition of the
creative potential offered by modern miniature remotely controlled camera systems.
At NAB in Las Vegas in mid-April, the company demonstrated a complete range of
compact robotic cameras, including the latest additions to the Q-Ball family.

Q-Ball gives producers the freedom to go far beyond traditional studio and shoulder-
cam shots. Developed for Camera Corps’ own coverage of major sports and stage
events, it eliminates all the traditional restrictions on camera locations and camera
numbers. Weatherproof, robust and to easy to use, Q-Ball delivers fully stable and
controllable video from any height. It can also be discreetly mounted on a stage set
within view of other cameras. The output can be matched with that from very high
budget 1920 x 1080 studio cameras.

Currently exclusive to Camera Corps’ rental service, the new RF Q-Ball captures and
transmits high definition video plus four audio channels as a wireless HD-SDI feed up
to a mile from the control unit. Full control of pan, tilt, zoom and focus can be
performed via an integral reverse wireless channel. The whole package is designed to
allow rapid installation, eliminating the need for intermediate cables. It can be
operated under battery power for up to eight hours.

Camera Corps also demonstrated the compatibility of its Q-Ball product family with
the recently-introduced Vinten Radamec CP4 robotic camera controller. The CP4 can be
configured for use with up to four heads and will store up to 40 preset shots. An
optional upgrade extends the CP4’s control capability to eight heads and 200 pre-set
shots. Camera control is via a three-axis manual joystick plus a focus wheel a zoom
rocker switch. Relevant control parameters are accessible via a touchscreen graphic
user interface.

Camera Corps’ Q-Ball, Q-Ball Pre-Set and RF Q-Ball are ultra-compact remotely-
controlled cameras with integral 10-times zoom optical lens and smooth-accelerating
pan/tilt motors. Housed in a robust 120 millimetre (4.5 inch) diameter aluminium
sphere, each camera head has a 2 megapixel CMOS sensor and is capable of
operating in daylight or infra-red illumination. Each camera delivers 1080i/720p high
definition or 625/525 standard definition at 50 or 59.94 hertz refresh rates. The entire
system is waterproofed for use in all weather. Antennas can optionally be coupled via
extension cables.

Up to 96 Q-Ball and/or MiniZoom cameras can be remotely controlled from a single
Camera Corps RCP or Joystick panel.


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