Managing your assets


At NAB, Front Porch Digital will highlight DIVAdirector, its newest update to its
DIVAdirector media asset management (MAM) system. It is a permission-based web
application that enables complete access to file-based content stored by DIVArchive
content storage management (CSM) systems. DIVAdirector V5.1 contains new
features that make it even easier for any media organisation with DIVArchive to
manage its digital files, especially if that organisation is using Front Porch Digital’s
new LYNX platform for moving, archiving and publishing video to the cloud.

With cloud operations starting to dominate the industry, DIVAdirector 5.1 addresses
LYNX-specific workflows and requirements, such as site awareness, with a single
DIVAdirector system showing the enterprise content view of assets stored in different
archive systems — local, networked, or cloud-based systems, or any combination
thereof — with integrated user permissions controlling access.

LYNX is the industry’s first enterprise-scale cloud implementation of content storage
management (CSM). It delivers adaptable on-demand scalability, reduces capital and
operational costs, and revolutionises the way media organisations manage assets.
LYNX leverages the latest cloud and Web technologies to provide a range of
networked and distributed solutions.

Front Porch Digital will show LYNXdr and LYNXlocal at NAB 2013. LYNXdr is a hosted
disaster recovery service that allows global media enterprises to centralise critical
assets and consolidate operations, and LYNXlocal is a simple extension to LYNX that
operates locally as an appliance, caching cloud content and providing integration to
specialised systems if needed.

DIVArchive V7.1 content storage management system’s new features and capabilities
make the system ideal for a broader array of applications. The new AXF Explorer
offers an intuitive interface for pairing Archive eXchange Format (AXF) objects, with
straightforward operations that are performed using drag-and-drop procedures just
like in the Windows operating system. DIVArchive V7.1 also enables a complete range
of world-class video transcoding and workflows and is directly integrated with
Telestream’s Vantage Transcode and Vantage Transcode Pro.


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