DVB-T2 transmission network in Tanzania


Sahara Media Group, the leading independent media company in Tanzania, has
announced its intentions to develop a wide-ranging digital television service across
the country. Enabling this service is a DVB-T2 transmission network from Harris
Broadcast including multiple DTV transmitters, over-the-air encoding and multiplexing
systems, and test and measurement products to analyse signal integrity and
compliance. The project also includes Harris Broadcast infrastructure and support

In Mwanza, Harris Broadcast has installed a complete video headend based around
the Selenio media convergence platform to reduce complexity and costs, and
dramatically increase flexibility and scalability. Selenio will initially perform the
compression, multiplexing and conditioning of one national multiplex of 10 services to
broadcast free-to-air. The next phase will add two more multiplexes, each combining
free-to-air and encrypted services, making a total of over 50 channels. The
configuration will also include Selenio XD conversion modules to perform the critically
important task of processing all services prior to compression, further enhancing the
service offering of Sahara Media Group.

From the headend in Mwanza the transport stream is distributed by microwave to the
transmission sites, each equipped with Harris Broadcast Maxiva digital television
transmitters. The system uses a DVB-T2 Gateway, which enables a direct connection
from Selenio to the transmitters with a resulting reduction in system complexity.
Initially the network will cover the main cities in the country, including Dar es Salaam,
Mwanza, Arusha, Mbeya and Dodoma. Later in the year the network will bring
extended services to many other parts of the country, and will also include main
contribution links back to the Mwanza main headend for regionalized DVB-T2 services.

“The strategy of the Sahara Media Group is to present the best quality television and
radio to our audiences,’ said Dr Anthony Diallo, chairman and CEO of Sahara Media
Group. “Harris Broadcast was capable of delivering the complete turnkey solution,
and with the high performance, reliability and quality we demand.’

Maxiva UAX air-cooled UHF solid state transmitters, installed at four sites in 1kW and
2kW configurations incorporate Harris Broadcast PowerSmart and Apex M2X
multimedia exciter technologies, with PowerSmart ensuring that power consumption is
among the lowest in class. The high-powered Dar es Salaam transmitter is a 3.4kW
Maxiva ULX, which retains all the technical advances of the UAX in a liquid-cooled

Harris Broadcast Videotek MSA Series products will enable file-based signal analysis
and monitoring of multi-source DVB-T2 services coming off the transmitters, ensuring
that the entire signal path is maintained at the best possible quality and bandwidth

Additional Harris Broadcast equipment installed includes a Platinum router, 6800+
signal processing modules, and HView SX Pro multiviewers integrated within the
router, all under the control of the Harris Broadcast Navigator management system.
The Navigator functionality extends to the transmitter sites to maximise control and
operational efficiency across the system.

“Tanzania is the latest in a string of African nations to transition from analogue to
digital TV services countrywide,’ said Harris Morris, CEO, Harris Broadcast. “A viable
digital over-the-air service, particularly DVB-T2, needs to focus not only on efficient
transmitters but reliable encoding and networking equipment to ensure delivery of
multiple high-quality services across very large areas. Tanzania is trusting Harris
Broadcast to comprehensively support their national DTV transition with pristine
quality and more over-the-air services.’


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