Broadcaster CSI project gives back


M-Net Cares along with DaVinci Hotel and Suites and The Michelangelo Hotel, have unveiled new facilities at Tshedimoso Home Based Care Project in Braamfischerville, Soweto. The facilities include the provision of a mobile container learning centre and a vegetable garden, both positive steps to aid the work that is currently being done at the home based care project.

Tshedimoso caters to the needs of the community in the area by providing social services and empowering the youth. Their core focus involves poverty alleviation, youth care and child justice.

General manager: DaVinci Hotel and Suites, Robert Hodson, says that reading as part of the learning centre plays a big part of development and ensures a solid foundation for children’s future. The food garden purchased from Food & Trees for Africa going forward will assist children in receiving the vital vitamins and minerals that they require in order to learn at optimal level as well as long term will provide a sustainable income generator for the community.

Legacy Lifestyle, was also proud to hand over sports equipment to the children as part of the day’s celebrations.

M-Net director: Corporate Marketing and Communications, Koo Govender says that organisations such as Tshedimoso play a crucial role in society as they are the conduits through which societal upliftment can occur. “When we first went to Tshedimoso, we were touched by the passion the staff showed and how dedicated they are towards uplifting their community. We knew we had to get involved,” says Govender.

M-Net Cares, DaVinci Hotel and Suites and The Michelangelo Hotel all have a singular vision on youth development and educating young people. “We are passionate about providing conducive environments where young people can flourish and reach their fullest potential. And we know that through the work that Tshedimoso does, this will be possible,” says Mr. Roberto Rosa, General Manager: The Michelangelo Hotel.

Organisations such as Tshedimoso are vital in any community as they provide a 360 service. Not only do they feed and uplift, but they play a vital role in empowerment of the youth and the wider community.  For all partners, it was important to fulfill the development needs of the centre and help them realise their vision of improving the lives of the youth in this community. The learning centre is an extension to what Tshedimoso already offers. This will allow the children to do homework and gain additional learning opportunities in a safe and secure environment.

“Tshedimoso is a pillar of the community of Braamfischerville, Soweto as they provide vital services and support,” adds Govender. “Going forward we hope to see the youth fully utilising the learning centre to help in their education.”


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