Campari’s first Nigerian ad campaign


Partnering with Velocity director Adrian de sa Garces, Campari’s television
commercial, Unstoppable, shows a sophisticated young man making things
happen for himself.

Starring David Gyasi, who recently acted alongside Tom Hanks and Halle Berry in
the feature film, Could Atlas, Gyasi is seen to push down walls to get from one
place to the next. We follow him through his work day and into the evening
where he is seen enjoying Campari with friends before meeting an elegant
woman, and fellow Campari drinker, at a bar. “In Nigeria, everyone is moving
forward all the time, always looking to the next opportunity and what is to
come,’ says Saatchi & Saatchi creative director, Gavin Whitfield. “We wanted to
capture the future facing attitude and determination of our audience in this

Filmed in Cape Town, De sa Garces and the Velocity team assured their clients of
a smooth production.

“One of the challenges was working out the exact movements and pace of the
lead actors’ “walking through the walls’ scenes,’ says agency producer, Candice
Brouwer. “But Adrian put a tremendous amount of work into producing an
animatic with stand-in actors in advance of the shoot, which put the team and
client’s mind at ease around this challenge.’

As the African market grows, Saatchi & Saatchi is spending more and more time
in this market, doing research and developing advertising. “Nigeria is one of
Campari’s most important markets, but with such a diverse ethnic and cultural
mix it’s also one of the most complex,’ says Whitfield. “We coupled our 15-year
track record of creating communication for Nigeria together with in-depth
research to ensure that we truly reflected the needs of our consumers and could
offer them a story that they could identify with. The resulting campaign reflects
our findings – a young and outgoing population with an unshakeable optimism
that is distinctively Nigerian.’


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